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  Naive art Studio "Mezin Adam" - Uzdin









          Adam Mezin was born on 15th June 1954 in Uzdin. In contrast to most of the naive artists in Vojvodina, he was, after recognizing his gift for art and strong painting impulse, learning painting. In 1973 he found himself in the school of Josip Generalić and studied for almost two years. He's skillfully linking the learned and his own imagination today as well. His paintings are, therefore, regarding the access to the subject, like fairy tales and unreal, containing marks of the Hlebinska Škola (School of Hlebine). These marks are, first of all, reflected in his drawings, where realistic proportions are avoided intentionally and the typical deformed trees and branches are brought to the surrealism. Also, in his landscapes, which are the basic themes to him, the sky is specific-always in the form of a big flaky flower, intensified through varying nuances of one same color.

         He claims that he always felt this divine gift for painting, although nobody of his family was in art. Today, he is only painting, ignoring the basic occupation of the most of his compatriot painters agriculture. He is mostly painting what the public likes most and always has its customers the four seasons. His likeable paintings are traveling around the world, because he's often having exhibitions. Many of them have come as awards at home and abroad (he received the Grand Prix Europe), or as the echo of the numerous colonies he's participated in. Just now, he's preparing two exhibits, one for the Ukraine, the other for Rumania. The landscape is always in the foreground, but he doesn't copy the nature, but picturing his own visions, fabulous and a little bit of gloomy. He's attracted by large-sized canvas, because there he can spread.